Stress Management Program

Stress Management, Meditation, Cognitive Therapy

We are living through a period of exceptionally rapid change. There is often a feeling of not catching up which can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety and tension or as we often label it, stress. In today’s busy world, people are constantly contending with increasing demands on their time and energy. Every day we are required to:

  • Prioritise and set boundaries around competing tasks and requests for our attention
  • Develop successful personal  and  working relationships with many different types of  people
  • Make decisions quickly
  • Respond flexibly to a constantly changing environment
  • Process a never ending stream of information

Stress can lead to overload and burnout, reducing our effectiveness in meeting organisational, team and personal goals. 

Stress management is learning how to manage speed of change, demands on our attention and volume of tasks without burnout. We can learn to respond openly to change.

Our program helps identify the causes that are creating stress in your life. By identifying these sources and examining our habitual responses to these stressors we can then find the most appropriate methods to respond to them. The program will examine how we limit ourselves by habitually becoming distracted and unfocused. We will show ways of thinking to improve your ability to deal intelligently with emotions, listen perceptively and communicate concisely.  

This program uses the latest scientific research into the mind as well as ‘meditation and mindfulness’ practices which show us how to be present and free from distraction, improve our focus, clarity and awareness. The technique of cognitive restructuring is also introduced to enable one to change negative thought patterns. These methods and techniques reduce stress, improve concentration and develop balance so we can be more effective in our work and create happier lives.

The Program is presented in 4 X 1.5 hour sessions