1. Heart Checks for Heart Week


Heart Week 1st – 7th May 2011

Organise Heart checks in May for Heart Week and 5% of the total revenue will be donated to the Heart Foundation of Australia.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Australia. It claimed 48,500 lives in 2008 and there is a death from cardiovascular disease every 11 minutes.  It affects more than 3.4 million Australians and prevents 1.4 million people living a full life because of the disability caused by the disease.

A majority of cardiovascular disease incidents are preventable with a healthy lifestyle.

A Heart Check involves:

  1. Waist and Hip Girths
  2. Weight
  3. Height
  4. Body Fat %
  5. Water Retention
  6. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  7. Blood Pressure
  8. Resting Heart Rate
  9. Aerobic Capacity (Schell Step Test)
  10. Cholesterol Test
  11. Glucose Test

The employee and employer will be given a report on the findings and strategies to improve areas of weakness.

2. Health Checks for National Diabetes Week

National Diabetes Week 10th – 16th July

Organise a Diabetes Health Check in July and 5% of the total revenue will be donated to Diabetes Australia.

Diabetes is the world’s fastest growing chronic disease. In Australia, there are 1.5 million people affected by diabetes and there are 275 new cases of diabetes diagnosed every day. By 2031, there it is estimated that diabetes will affect 3.3 million Australians.

A Diabetes Health Check includes:

  1. Waist and Hip Girths
  2. Weight
  3. Height
  4. Body Fat %
  5. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  6. Blood Pressure
  7. Resting Heart Rate
  8. Glucose Test
  9. Diabetes Risk Assessment Survey

3. De-stress the Workplace for Mental Health Week

De-stress your workplace in October and 5% of all revenue will be donated to the Mental Health Association NSW.

De-stressing the workplace may include any of the following:

  1. Any Corporate Massage Packages
  2. Meditation Classes
  3. Our comprehensive De-stress program

The facts about Mental Illness:

  1. One out of every 5 Australians will experience mental illness every year.
  2. Nearly one in 10 Australians will experience some type of anxiety disorder each year – around one in twelve women and one in eight men.
  3. One in four people will experience an anxiety disorder at some stage of their lives.
  4. Mental disorders and suicide account for 14.2% of Australia’s total health burden – which equates to 374,541 years of healthy life lost.


4. Get Active in Obesity Prevention Month


Get your workplace active in October and 5% of all revenue will be donated to Obesity Prevention Australia.

Getting your workplace active includes participation in any of our group exercise classes. These include:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Tai Chi
  • Outdoor Boot Camp
  • Outdoor circuit based activities
  • Boxing
  • Kettlebell Training

The facts about obesity in Australia:

  1. We have the world’s fastest growing rate of childhood obesity
  2. 61% of all adults obese
  3. 70% of all adults sedentary
  4. It has been estimated that the overall cost of obesity to Australian society and governments was $58.2 billion in 2008
  5. Obesity was associated with over four million days lost from Australian workplaces in 2001