1. Health and Lifestyle Check

A health and lifestyle check will determine an employee’s health status using validated health assessments and pinpoint areas of the individuals lifestyle that are affecting their health such nutrition and sources of stress.

At Corporate Health Results we take a comprehensive approach to our health and lifestyle checks and therefore offer 3 options for employees. Following the assessment, each employee will receive a handbook with recommended guidelines and a report with a summary of the findings and recommendations.

The three different lifestyle and health checks are explained in detail below:

Silver – 20 minutes per Assessment

  1. Waist and Hip Girths
  2. Weight
  3. Height
  4. Body Fat %
  5. Water Retention
  6. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  7. Blood Pressure
  8. Resting Heart Rate
  9. Aerobic Capacity (Schell Step Test)
  10. Flexibility (Sit and Reach Test)
  11. Postural Analysis (Sit and Reach Analysis and Standing Analysis)
  12. General lifestyle check with goal setting

Gold – 30 minutes per Assessment


All the above plus the following:

  1. Cholesterol
  2. Glucose

Diamond – 45 minutes per assessment


The same services as silver and gold as well as the following:

  1. Personalised action plan that includes dietary recommendations and an exercise program
  2. Detailed Lifestyle Check
  3. Inner Core Assessment
  4. Upper Body Muscular Endurance (Push-up test)
  5. Lower Body Muscular Endurance (Squat Test)
  6. Outer Core Endurance Test (Crunch Test)

The lifestyle Check will assess the following:

  1. Sleep Duration and Quality
  2. Exercise and Activity Patterns
  3. Dietary History and Patterns – Questions relate to:

a)      Breakfast, fruit and vegetables, water, salt, sugars, fast food and alcohol

  1. Stress and Mood

2. Corporate Challenge

The Corporate Challenge is a fun and exciting health & fitness program that runs over 12 weeks. The program includes the following:

  • 2-3 comprehensive on-site health & fitness assessments for employees at either week 1, week 6 and week 12
  • An exercise and nutrition program for each participant
  • A workplace stretching programme
  • Unlimited support from our team of personal trainers & nutritionists
    • A weekly tips e-mail that includes comprehensive information on exercise and nutrition

The number of assessments will be dependant on the company budget.

The assessments conducted are:

  1. Waist and Hip Girths
  2. Weight
  3. Body Fat %
  4. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  5. Blood Pressure
  6. Resting Heart Rate
  7. Aerobic Capacity (Schell Step Test)
  8. Flexibility (Sit and Reach Test)
  9. Upper Body Muscular Endurance (Push-up test)
  10. Lower Body Muscular Endurance (Squat Test)
  11. Outer Core Endurance Test (Crunch Test)

The 3 participants that make the most progress will receive a prize pack as well as a trophy.

3. Health Seminars 

Most people want to be healthier but do not know where to start. Corporate Health Results offers educational health seminars that will inspire better health with lots of practical tips. Topics covered include:

  • The Mind and Body Overhaul
  • Eat yourself Sexy
  • 8 ways to beat tiredness and live with more energy naturally

We can also combine a seminar with a healthy catered lunch for your employees. Lunch will include a combination of fresh salads, fruits and fresh juices.

4. Seated Massage

Seated massage is one of the most cost effective employee benefits that a corporation can offer its staff.

A seated massage decreases job stress and significantly increases alertness, focus and work productivity.

How Does It Work?

  • The service is performed at your business location
  • Sessions are conducted in 10, 15, 20 or 30 minute intervals
  • Flexible scheduling options and an on-line booking system

Take care of your most important workplace asset with a seated massage.

5. Group Exercise Classes

Corporate Health Results has a large variety of class offerings to meet all people’s needs.

Classes offered by Corporate Health Results include:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Tai Chi
  • Zumba
  • Outdoor Boot Camp
  • Outdoor circuit based activities
  • Boxing
  • Kettlebell training

These sessions facilitate terrific team building and camaraderie. Corporate Health Results will meet at a convenient location at a regular session time that is suitable for employees.

Other benefits of group classes include:

  • Motivation – Having other people to motivate and spur you on towards greater results
  • Social Interaction – Great opportunity to mix and have fun with your fellow workmates

6. Health Fair

Corporate Health Results can arrange a health fair for your employees. Each employee will be presented with a booklet that will have information on a variety of different stations. They can then visit the relevant station and undertake the assessment outlined in the booklet. Stations include:

  • Massage
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Iridology
  • Waist and Hip Girths
  • Weight and Body fat
  • Flexibility
  • Aerobic Endurance and
  • Blood Pressure

7. De-stress Program

Coming Soon