Corporate Massage Brisbane

Corporate Massage Brisbane

A corporate seated massage session at your Brisbane workplace is a great way of achieving corporate health results. Desk massage in Brisbane will see your employees increase their productivity, and also decrease their day’s away sick. Studies have shown that investing in a corporate health program actually saves companies money in the long-term.

Your staff will look forward to their workplace massage session in Brisbane. Our highly skilled professional masseuses will visit you onsite. A desk massage is completed while the person is seated, there’s no need to get changed or use a separate room, meaning there is more time for an effective treatment.

A desk massage session can last for 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes. Many workplaces find that a regular session is the best way to achieve the long-term benefits of a massage session. You can also book a single session, perhaps as a reward to your staff. 

Regular desk massage sessions at your Brisbane workplace will see a marked improvements in your employees stress levels and productivity. Just a short session can see immediate effects such as lowered stress, clearer focus, and an improved attitude.

Before joining our team, our massage staff undergo training specific to perform seated massage. They are highly skilled and make sure each of your staff members get the most out of their session.

Corporate seated massage also brings many long-term benefits. Regular massage can help to repair existing injuries and prevent future injuries from occurring. It can also reduce stress, and improve circulation and metabolism. Massage has been used to treat a range of problems including muscular and joint problems, fatigue, sciatica, as well as back and neck pain.

Regular seated massage sessions can also see improvements to your Brisbane business. Improved staff morale can increase productivity. It also reduces sick leave and makes for a loyal and happy workforce.

If you’re interested in finding out more about corporate seated massage in Brisbane, please give out office a call on 1300 777 119 or email us at