Corporate Health Sydney

Corporate Health Sydney

Corporate health in your Sydney workplace is a practice that could save you time, as well as money. A corporate health program can increase the health and well-being of your staff, making them happy and healthy workers who take less sick days and stay with your company longer. They’re more productive and have better focus.

A focus on wellness in your Sydney workplace and a well planned corporate health program will return far more than your initial investment. A recent study revealed that workplaces receive a return of between $1 and $10 of each $1 spent on workplace health. The average return was $3.14 for every $1.

Corporate health and fitness programs can reduce absenteeism by 25%. An employee that exercises regularly will miss 18% fewer workdays and a strenuous exerciser will miss 32% less workdays.

Keeping wellness a priority in your workplace can see staff retention levels rise. In fact, you are four times less likely to lose talent in the next twelve months if you have a corporate health program in place. These measures increase employee loyalty as well as job satisfaction. You also become a desirable employee and improve your corporate image.

Employees who take part in a corporate health program experience a wide range of benefits. They have more energy, sleep better, experience stress and anxiety less, and have overall better concentration. Those that take part often lose weight and improve their eating habits, and also increase their lean muscle mass.

Sydney Corporate Health Services

We provide a range of services for corporate health in Sydney. We can also work to put together a package to suit your individual needs. Here are some of the health services we offer:

Health and Lifestyle Check

Our comprehensive health assessments will determine an employee’s current state of health and fitness. We visit on site and meet individually with employees to talk about their current lifestyle and health habits. We measure a range of variables; body weight, measurements, fitness levels, flexibility, and BMI to name a few. Following the assessment, the employee will receive a report and list of recommendations.

There are a range of different levels of health and lifestyle checks to suit different situations. We can also measure cholesterol, blood sugar, stress and mood, along with other factors.

Corporate Challenge

A corporate challenge is a good way to encourage workplace wellness in your Sydney business. Staff takes part in a twelve week challenge. It’s a great way to help staff learn about healthy habits and to get into a regular exercise regime. At the beginning and end of the challenge progress is measured.

Health Seminars

Many of us want to work towards a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to start. Health seminars take part in your Sydney workplace, and can cover a range of health and fitness topics. They all give practical advice that is easy to implement out in the real world. We can also provide a delicious healthy lunch for the participants of the seminars.

Seated Massage

Corporate seated massage is a great way to contribute to the health and well-being of your Sydney workplace. Our team of trained masseuses will visit on site to give seated massage to staff, leaving them feeling refreshed, alert, and stress-free. 

Group Exercise Classes

A regular group fitness class for your Sydney workplace is a great way to help your staff increase their fitness. It also helps increase social interaction and team building amongst staff. We have a range of indoor and outdoor classes that we can run.

Health Fair

A health fair is a great way to give your employees information on living a healthier lifestyle. We set up a range of stations, focusing on different areas of health and well-being. Employees receive a booklet of information, and then can explore the different stations.

The greatest asset that a company has is its employees. To find out more about a Sydney corporate health program, call us on 1300 177 119 or send an email to