Corporate Health Brisbane

Corporate Health Brisbane

Promoting corporate health in your Brisbane workplace can bring a range of benefits, to both staff, as well as your bottom line. When your employees are healthier, they are less likely to be stressed and bring more energy to their job, resulting in increased productivity. There is decreased absenteeism and better staff retention, meaning a healthier bottom line for your business.

Making wellness a part of your Brisbane workplace can bring a strong return on investment. Past case studies show that companies will receive a return of between $1 and $10 on each $1 spent on corporate health. The average return on $1 is $3.14.

Workplace absenteeism is reduced by up to 25% when a workplace corporate health program is put in place. Employees who exercise regularly are proven to take 18% less sick days, and those that exercise strenuously have 32% less sick days.

Brisbane workplace wellness programs will also keep your staff with your company for longer. It can help to keep and attract talent. Employers without workplace health programs are four times more likely to lose a talented employee over a twelve month period. Implementing health programs can also make you a desired workplace, and improve corporate image.

Staff who take part in workplace wellness programs have better focus on the job, but also enjoy better health. They are less likely to become stressed, have better sleeping patterns, and are less susceptible to illness.

Brisbane Corporate Health Services

We have a range of corporate health programs to suit your Brisbane workplace. Here are some of the services that we offer:

Health and Lifestyle Check

A health and lifestyle assessments takes part onsite at your workplace. We have a consultation with each of your employees. We discuss their current health and lifestyle habits, and also take a range of measurements. Fitness, weight, flexibility, and BMI are all measured. In our more detailed assessments we also measure cholesterol and glucose levels. Afterwards, we provide each employee with a detailed report which also includes recommendations.

Corporate Challenge

A corporate challenge is a twelve week program where staff has the opportunity to work on their health and fitness goals. They take part in an exercise program, and are measured for progress both at the start and beginning of the program..

Health Seminars

A health seminar at your Brisbane workplace or event is a great way to provide your staff with information about leading a healthier lifestyle. Our seminars cover a range of topics, including healthy eating and making better choices.

Seated Massage

A seated massage is an effective way to boost staff workplace wellness at your Brisbane workplace. Our team of qualified masseuses will visit on site to give desk massages. The result is less tension and better focus.

Group Exercise Classes

Corporate health can be improved at your Brisbane workplace by having staff take part in group fitness classes. Regular exercise reduces absenteeism, boosts morale and teamwork. We run a range of classes to suit all levels of fitness, as well as different interests.

Health Fair

A health fair is a great way to start learning about a healthy lifestyle. We set up a range of stations at your workplace, each with a focus on a different area of health. Staff receive an information booklet, and then visit the stations to learn about healthy living.

The greatest asset that a company has are its employees. To find out more about a Brisbane corporate health program, call us on 1300 177 119 or send an email to