Managing your health while away

When traveling to countries where medical care isn’t terrific or you are out of the city somewhere where there isn’t a lot of care, medical and travel security providers are a necessity for business travellers. If something goes wrong, you know there will be plane or a helicopter get me to where I need to go, as well as the best care you can have.

Lengthy international trips may cause a person to lack focus after arrival. It is recommended travellers delay meetings for at least 24 hours to recover from the flight and adapt to time changes.

Whether someone is traveling domestically or abroad, work-life balance may take a hit. Especially for people with young families, the partner who remains at home with the children may feel overwhelmed.

Here are some tips to stay healthy while on those business trips:

Find quick, healthy grab-and-go options near the hotel to resist the urge to eat fast food.
Join a gym with multiple locations to use the membership while traveling.
Employers can maintain a company culture that stresses positive health behaviours like getting enough sleep and allowing people time to eat.
Reimburse reasonable wellness expenses for fitness classes in travel destinations.
Rosenbluth suggests that travellers exercise, which may be difficult if there’s no fitness centre or if the destination poses a safety hazard for walks offsite. There are ways around this small hurdle if you speak to a fitness professional.

Business travellers also should be careful about what they eat and should carefully consider food safety.