Eating your way to a successful culture

With the speed of our lives going at a frenetic pace, as a CEO and or someone in management, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to close the laptop, switch off the phone and still be find your work day successful?

Well how is this for an idea?

Lunch or breakfast with your team and colleagues!!

Everyone enjoys a meal and a chat but this one has a slight motive behind it.

Allow yourself to reinforce and reassure your employees the connection and culture of your workplace in a safe, non-intimidating environment and learn about where you’re team is at.

This can be done with the CEO(preferably) or senior management/Directors. Go out to lunch with small groups of cross-functional employees on a regular basis.

Here is the idea behind it all…

The idea behind a Lunch program is to spend an hour with the CEO hearing about everyone’s experiences at the company, helping everyone get to know one another, and helping everyone see a different side of the CEO.

Here’s a basic draft game plan:

• Determine how often the CEO wants to have these lunches(monthly is ideal).
For larger companies where there are 1,000 or more you’ll want the assistance of additional senior executives to host lunches too.

• Have five to six people total (including the CEO) for one hour or so.


The tone and format of the CEO Lunch is key. You’ll want to create enough structure so everyone gets a chance to speak while keeping a warm and informal tone. Here’s a format which you can follow.

• Expectation setting: Open forum, OK to ask any question, the CEO will answer what he/she can.

The idea is for everyone attending to be heard and provide feedback on what’s working and what’s not, plus any ideas or insights they have.

• Welcome everyone: “Thanks for being part of tribe, you make a difference, we’re doing great things together”

• Launch: CEO does personal and professional check in for couple minutes (a key event that’s happening in their personal life and one in professional too). (Example: Personal: I’m really enjoying my kids right now—they’re at the age where they’re asking cool questions. Also I’m feeling concerned about my ageing mom. I realise I’ve not wanted to deal with this and now need to look into how to help her golden years be the most fulfilling possible).

Professional: So much is going right that I have to pinch myself some days! It’s a very exciting time! Also, though, I’ve realised that in all our growth we’ve missed some the of people development things we could’ve been doing—so I am diving in here to help us get caught up.) Two to three minutes each person, after the CEO simply move around the group in clockwise fashion.

• Feedback Frame:This time each person has the opportunity to contribute a personal and professional point and “What’s Working” and “What I’d Like To See More Of.”

• CEO or PA can take notes to remember and then recaps.

• Closing: “Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, your life, your ideas for how we can create an even cooler company. Your ideas are awesome and inspire me. I’m so glad you’re a member of our tribe. Together we’re doing great things. Thanks again.”

This can be something implemented quite easily and although it may not be productive in the monetary sense, the time you spend with your employees will benefit your bottom dollar over time.