Does the traditional work-life balance still exist?

In this day and age we all need to recognise that employees’ work and personal lives are nearly one and the same and this should be understood if it has not already happened.

With the age of technology taking over our days and with an ever increasingly mobile workforce, people are able to work from home and manage home from work.

The line between professional and personal is becoming very, very thin and in some areas and might be seen a double-edged sword.

If you believe that you’re expected to work or at least be contactable 24/7 becoming stressed, depressed and disengaged is a more likely outcome.

However, If employees are provided with increased flexibility, they’re more likely to find time to exercise, take breaks, believe the organisation cares about them and feel good about their work.

That is — they’re more likely to be healthy, satisfied and engaged. That’s good news for employee AND business performance.


74% of employers want flexible hours
46% of employes provide them

FLEXIBLE HOURS: Those who get them are 18% more engaged.


71% want to work from home
32% of employers provide this option

WORK FROM HOME: Those who can are 14% more engaged.

When employees believe their


38% more engaged
28% more likely to recommend their workplace
18% more likely to do more than expected
10x less likely to be hostile

What do you think?

Do you believe it is possible to successfully operate when you have some of your employees working from home?


Does everyone need to be in the same workspace and accounted for every single day?