Do you thin we need to back up our headspace?

In today’s corporate world where many of us can spend more time at work than at home

If you have areas in need of improvement in your life and you go through times when you question yourself and your ability. Or maybe you are going through a tough time at home. When these certain situation occur, more often than not, you have one or two options:
You can debrief with a friend, colleague or family and that can work or…

You can seek professional help.

OMG!! Did I say seek professional help? Why would I do that? If I do this, wouldn’t it just make me weak or incompetent?

How many of us have had that conversation with ourselves?

Isn’t it ironic that there would be no problem seeking the help of a trade person to solve an issue or a dentist if you had a tooth ache. There is no shame there. What about a physiotherapist? No problems there either.

I’m not saying you should run out and see a shrink if your career isn’t going exactly the way you hoped it would or your business has suffered a setback or two. But if you have significant recurring issues that have been plaguing you for years and it feels like you’re not getting anywhere, it’s something to consider?

The company shrink?
He’s got a point. You can read all you want and attend all the courses offered to you, but if your problem with getting stuff done or getting yourself out there stems from deep-seated fears of success, feelings of unworthiness, or other common but limiting mental health issues, no trick or technique is going to get the job done unless you confront and conquer those demons.

It might only be one or two meetings. Not everything will be a major incident. But everyone once in a while we might require someone to get us back on track.

With many of us having these challenges could you argue that whole companies could benefit from consulting one as well? Or having an in house professional specialising in these areas?

It might take a while to get used to and there would be specific, professional etiquette(confidentiality and privacy laws). But do you think it might be beneficial?

Can you imagine the change you could see in your workplace if you had a person to provide this service?

I am almost sure your absenteeism would be reduced, your presenteeism would almost disappear and you would be surrounded by positivity and excitement every day.

Such a great way to maintain a wonderful culture within your workplace.

Do you think this could benefit your company. Not because your staff is particularly crazy, but because “mental health is an issue for anyone with a brain.”

Love to hear your thoughts.